God has placed a desire on our heart to proclaim freedom to the sinners and the saints.  In such, Fresh Water Fellowship is a Spirit welcoming connection point to be inspired, encouraged, and positively challenged in God's Word, and the lasting freedom found only in Christ. Freedom in worship, giftings, fellowship, and calling, that reflects the leading of God's Spirit through the gifted faith of the believer. In such freedom we have foregone much of the trappings of religion, programs, and ceremony to emphasize that it's not in these things that one is saved for eternity. We are saved by Christ, and Christ alone. However, in gaining that saving relationship with Jesus we absolutely emphasize intentional discipleship, active prayer life, presence focused worship, study of the Scriptures, and encouraging supportive fellowship that would draw us closer every moment to Christ as His Spirit actively works to lead us into transformed lives that reflect Him more and more each day. So for those that are considering Jesus, don't know Him yet, or even those that do know Him but have been away from Him, come and join us for a fresh start in freedom that will surely encourage and challenge you in Christian growth.   He longs to be in relationship with you...and so do we at Fresh Water Fellowship.

All God's Best To You!